An uncommon soil

Located between Aigues-Mortes and La Grande Motte, the Domaine du Petit Chaumont is in the area of the sands, of which geological structure is unique in France : the ground is only composed of mineral substances, silica and limestone, without any trace of clay or silt.

Moreover, its very low altitude over the sea level, limits the volume of ground available for the plant. Acting like a rocky table, this water table causes the spreading out of the roots on all the surface part of the ground. A comparable situation with a vintage of slope.

Lastly, marine, hot and wet breezes, and the presence of the ponds, support the phenomena of condensation and dew. These properties of the air allow a continuous growth of the vine, even during maturation of the grapes, thus supporting the synthesis of sugars. Maturation is also facilitated by a maximum of sunny days and the relatively low amplitude between the temperatures of day and night, the seas constituting a formidable thermal regulator.

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