Gray and black Mediterranean type of vines :

Gray and black Grenache ;

The area of sand is the only region to be able to do Gris de Gris from black grapes, because of its unique terroir.

Gray, it is a blend of gray and black varieties whose palette is wider than the Gris de Gris.

Wine making :

Since the 2012 Millesime, the wine is vinified according to biological charter with limited inputs, especially sulfites to keep up the natural qualities of the grapes.

Mechanical harvesting
Protection of grapes during transport to the winery
Receiving the grapes in a drainer stainless conquet to separate as soon as possible and limit oxidation juice.
Extraction of musts by pneumatic press with maceration in atmosphere (nitrogen) and controlled temperature.
Settling after cooling to 10 ° C.
Filtration of lees after maceration and reincorporation of the filtrate for fermentation.
Systematic addition of yeast to clear juice with selected yeasts.
Fermentation regulated between 14 and 18 ° C.

Breeding :

Ageing on lees with regular stirring, to bring fullness and fat.
No malolactic fermentation to preserve the freshness and liveliness aromas.
Rapid extraction with CO2. Tangential filtration.
Bottled and stored in the cellar at 14 ° C until shipment.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful for health, do appreciate in moderation